What is SanctIO?

What are sanctions?

Against the background of (inter) national sanctions laws and regulations, the meaning of "sanctions" is derived from French and means: coercive measure, punishment.

If a country does not comply with international rules and human rights, the United Nations, the EU, the US and of course other countries can impose sanctions. A sanction is a coercive measure that can apply to individuals, groups, organizations and countries and is the punishment for certain undesirable behavior.

These international sanctions involve risks for entrepreneurs who trade internationally: a payment that is stopped, goods that do not get through, a heavy fine or damage to their reputation. It is often difficult for exporting companies to assess these risks in advance.

SanctIO offers a clear compilation of the sanctions of the EU, UN and USA for every country and topic.

SanctIO supports everyone who is subject to a potential sanction risk. International companies choose SanctIO because it is user-friendly and offers a simple overview of EU, UN and US sanctions and the related risk by country and topic, all on one page.

All in one package

All applicable EU, UN and US sanctions are shown on one page. You can find the details of the EU sanctions per country (UN and US will follow), you will also receive our risk assessment. Check out the possible subscriptions on our subscriptions page.

User friendly

Companies that do international business need information about existing sanction risks. SanctIO offers a clear list of the countries for which sanction risks apply. The official EU documentation is linked in SanctIO. There are no hidden costs.


SanctIO was developed by sanction specialists. We would like to know what you think of our website and the SanctIO environment. This helps us to improve our service and adapt it to your needs.